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Run desktop flow using URL - adding extra characters in when received an email

Hello all & @abm 


I find this below link where i can trigger the flow using URL. so i created a cloud flow and at the end it should send a email to me to trigger the desktop flow.

URL i used:



But when i received a email click on it, it is showing an extra "/" in the URL because of which it is not triggering the flow.





Please help to resolve this.

Super User
Super User

Hi @ponmani ,


What have you written in the cloud flows at the stage where you are generating this URL in the email?

Also right click on the "Click here for details" -> copy hyperlink -> paste it into notepad and see whether it already has a double slash.

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Thanks for looking into my issue.

I have enabled HTML script in send an email (v2) and i can't change to normal mode. Look below it is disabled.

But in HTML i kept one forward slash only.






And what are your findings for the second question?

What do you find here from the email?


Also right click on the "Click here for details" -> copy hyperlink -> paste it into notepad and see whether it already has a double slash.

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After i received an email, i copied the hyperlink and pasted in notepad, it gives correct link. It has only one slash, but when i hover the mouse/click on the link it is showing double slash as shown below. Outlook is changing it.. 

How to avoid it?









Can you open the Email that you received in Edit mode (by hitting Forward or Reply).

Then Right click -> Edit hyperlink

What does it show in the red marked box?




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Please find the image below: has one slash




So it looks like outlook is considering the : as something like the : from the http: and adding :// to it

At the moment I do not have a solution for you, and I cannot run this and see. 

Try options like:

Prefixing the url as





A way to find out is to putting your desktop flow URL manually on the browser address bar and hitting enter. See what the Url changes to and then use that one in the hyperlink.


or this security warning can be disabled from the registry if that works for you.


Another option is to submit a similar post in Cloud flows forum and see if the way of writing the URL can be changed (eg; Url encoding etc).

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Thanks for your time!

Prefixing http/s is not working.

Also entering the url in browser is not changing its format and opening the flow without any issue.

I will try posting this in cloud forum.

Thank you so much!

Great, do post back what you come up with for anyone else with the same issue.

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