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Save or download existing Excel from Software

PAD Flow:


Save or download existing Excel file that is generated by a Desktop local software.


The flow does:

1. Open corporate software + login
2. Clicks on several button and menu to generate a specific report
3. Generates an excel report file


My problem:
1. can't manage to save or copy the content of the excel
> since its generated by the software and not from me I have no control or reference of it

2. My ideal would be copy the content on to another file I have
3. Or alternatively save locally and copy content


Any ideas?




Super User
Super User

@velocette350  Let it download it in downloads folder. Then move it your desired folder using files/folder actions in PAD.

Thanks for the reply.

Yes, I have tried that or at least that is the idea.


But, I can not do it.. because if the name of the Excel is different every time.
Every time I execute the report, it generates a different excel with a different name each time.



and I dont know what the name will be either.

So, I cant automate the process.


My flow goes through all the buttons and clicks

to try and download the file to a downloads folder or even desktop if necessary


and then when I run it for the next report

it does not recognize the UI element since its a different name




Super User
Super User

However, what you know is. It will always be a '.xlsx. file and the most recent one.

Sure, I think as an active excel file and save it before closing.

But my actions are not able to recognize the name of the element.

I tried save excel and close and save as actions.





Super User
Super User

use sendkeys ctrl+s and then give whatever name you desire and sendkeys return to save it

Hi, its still asking for a specific name of the window


I am not able to close the excel file or even close Excel!

very strange.

tried adding the image of the UI element of the X to close or the 

several steps of File close exit

or using the shortcuts



I need to continue....

so what I am doing is finding it saved it in the drives temp folder

and copying the file to a different folder so as to be able to 

retrieve the content of it....




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