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Scroll down in a drop down list & select each item

Hi Experts,


I'm having a desktop automation to click on each item in a drop down list & extract Data on a Power BI dashboard. I have not found a way to scroll down to click on the rest items. Is there any way to loop through each item from the top to bottom in the dropdown list ? I'm looking for a dynamic way to reach my goal, thank you in advance !



Resolver I
Resolver I

Hi @AnPhamEFL 

is it possible to show its html structure, i think it can be done by using css selector options

Super User
Super User

There are a lot of options depending on what this form allows you to do. If the options are always the same, it becomes a lot easier.


I see the red rectangle around the scroll bar. If you have that selector, there should be a command for click on element, but you should be able to change the click to Left Click down only (simulating a Left click hold). If not, then Do a no click option so the mouse is hovering over the element, and there is another command for the left click down only option.


Then you should be able to move mouse to “current position-offset”, and just move the y axis negative as much as u need to to move the scroll bar as far as you need to.


If the number of options is unknown, i recommend attempting to use Send Keys {Tab} to tab through the different options. A keyboard selector is usually space bar or Return. If this loops each time, selecting a different option each loop, you can build a loop inside the loop that has the Send Keys tab, and have the Loop Max variable equal the first loops index variable.  This will tell it how many times to tab down to get the proper selection.


Best of luck.

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