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Select a specific new record from multiple rows of records

I'm using an application to register multiple records in one database.
Would you please teach me if there is a way to select a newly registered record from multiple records?
This time, if there are multiple records with the same status (application), I want to be able to select a specific new record from them.
(This time, select the record "test1 request for quotation")




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Hello @User_NT 


As far as I can see in your screenshot, there are 3 items in this window, but all of them have the same status and the same date (also group name and user name are the same).


How could you determine which item is the one you should select? What are the criteria for identifying the item you would select from other items?


Are all items listed in the order in which they were registered? If so, you could select the item at the top (or the bottom).


Thank you.

Thank you, Mr. Shindomo.


The records are not listed in the order in which they were created.
When you open the record, there is an item called "Quotation NO".
This item is in the format "EST-number".
I want to identify by looking at this item.
I want to select the record of "EST-latest number".
This time, the record "EST-146" is the latest, so I'm wondering if I can select this record.



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Hello @User_NT 


If there is no option to display the "Quotation NO" on the item list screen, unfortunately, it seems that you have to open each item one by one and check it.


It may take time to process if there are a large number of registrations on the same date, but I think you can narrow down the target using the date in the list (first screen).


I suppose using PAD you can create a flow to do what you want. Is there any specific part you want to know?


Thank you.

Thank you, Mr. Shindomo.
Sorry for the late reply.
If "Quotation NO" is displayed on the Item list screen, is it possible to create a flow to select the record with the latest quotation NO?

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Hello @User_NT 


It depends on the HTML structure of the list page, but I think the following process can be created in PAD flow:


  1. Get all the "Quotation NOs" displayed on the list page and store them in a list-type variable.
  2. Sort the list-type variable in descending order. As a result of sorting, the one at the top can be regarded as the latest.
  3. Use the latest "Quotation NO" to identify the UI element of the item displayed on the list page and perform a "select" operation.

I don't know what kind of operation you mean by word "select". If you want to edit the item, you can make PAD to click on the pencil icon button.


Good luck.

Thank you, Mr. Shindomo.
Thank you for providing the detailed method.
As you pointed out, "select" is a click operation of the pencil icon button.
I will actually set it.


I'm sorry, let me check one more point.
Basically, PAD can "select" and "extract" items that can be seen from the screen, but can't "select" and "extract" items that cannot be seen (not displayed) from the screen?

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Hello @User_NT 


As a general rule, when performing web automation with RPA tools such as PAD, you are basically processing the HTML elements and attributes that make up the web content.


Therefore, even HTML elements that are not displayed on the screen (hidden / invisible) can be considered as possible target for automation.


But of course, if the target is not visible, you will not get help from tools such as UI element capture or web recorder, so you will need enough knowledge of HTML and CSS selectors.


Well, I think it is safe to say that it is usually impossible (or very difficult) to automate using information that is not displayed on the screen.


Thank you and good luck.

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