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Select or add row by row from an excel table column to a list

Hi, I'm trying to create a flow where power automate collects the information from the rows of a column in a given excel file, after that it needs to paste and search the information one line at a time in Fillezila to search and download a file, but I can't find a function that selects line by line in excel, is there any method of doing it?

Resolver II
Resolver II

You can read the column into a data table and use the for each loop to interate through each row.

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How can I make the for each function interact directly with the data for each row in a column? I was able to do it using a method in which I use the recorder to open the document, copy the request and repeat the process, I was wondering if there is a faster way to do it, since the information in the document will always change and the recorder will not recognize the new number of lines.

You can use the Get First Free Row Action to find the first free row.

The last row = first free row -1

You now know how many rows to read in

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The recorder is evil. Do not ever use it!


Learn about the proper Excel actions yourself, and build the flow.

Resolver I
Resolver I

I've done a couple different 'read from Excel' and 'take action with data' flows.


Create a variable for your row number and start it at 2 (assuming a header row on 1).  Get the first free row as referenced by @GanCW and loop through your action you want to do until your variable = first free row.  Don't forget that the last action in your loop is to increment your current row variable by 1.


Within the loop then use the read from Excel worksheet where you have to read a cell at a time.  The process I'm working on right now has 10 different reads to get the data I need and then processes from there.

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