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Thank you and a small constructive feedbback

Dear community,


thank you for such an amazing tool. I have been having a blast the last couple of weeks mostly. So far I have been able to automatize several tasks some of which entail up to 400 actions with six sub-flows and everything has been running smoothly.


I would appreciate it if you looked over some things I wouldn't mind adding in the future as quality of life improvements:


 - Set Clipboard & Paste - Any time I am using a clipboard I want to paste the data right away could be nice to have it as one step or including it in the Set Clipboard.


- Ability to see a running console read-only. Would be nice to have a console protocol view in the My Flow Desktop Cockpit and maybe as a default list the last subflow with a timestamp. Adding user-defined messages as a sort of  Live-Ticker to ensure it is still running. I have been using text file log and it works well but the console view from the WinAutomation was nicer especially for administrators.


- Add a dedicated shortcut to duplicate the step a paste it right below.


- Add an Ability to Group My flows in folders it can get crowded and you have to use a naming convention for it to be clear.


Thank you again for such and tool and I wish you all a nice day.






Super User
Super User

Hi @JakubZizka 


Welcome! 🙂


Nice. You can share your ideas over here so that it will be looked upon and picked up for future releases of the tool.

Also your suggestions can be upvoted by other community members making it even faster for future features.

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