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Helper II
Helper II

This latest update has broken PAD Flows. Yes, I have the latest update

Just had a Payroll PAD Flow fail. I'm basically having to go through and recreate each UI step in the flow.  NO FUN!!!


I go looking for help and read a ginormous message that everything will break as of Dec 1, 2021. Lovely. And I need to update to the latest version of PAD in order to have flows work again.  So I go to the PAD Settings / Check for Updates and see that "The latest version of Power Automate is already installed."


Anybody else having a bad day due to our reliance on Microsoft....

Super User
Super User

Yes.  There has been much conversation about 2.14 breaking flows.  There is supposed to be a new update in the coming week or 2 that claims to fix the issue.  PAD is not the only RPA to have this issue.  I left Robocorp because they forced a lab update that broke all my flows.  My recommendation for updates in general is to:

  1. Turn auto updates off
  2. Get your flows to a different test workstation
  3. Before updating the test workstation, make a copy of the install file for the current version, it can be located here:  C:\Program Files (x86)\Power Automate Desktop - search for the word install.  I think that's the file (fingers crossed).  This allows you to undo the latest install and go back to a working update if something goes horribly wrong like 2.14.
  4. Update that workstation and test your flows there
    1. This way, your workstation continues to work (on the previous version) and you can troubleshoot flows that don't work on your test workstation.
  5. Once you have fixed all issues on the flows in the test workstation:
    1. Before updating your workstation, make a copy of the install file for your current version.  This allows you to undo the latest install and go back to a working update if something goes horribly wrong like 2.14.
    2. Update your workstation
    3. Copy the flows from the test workstation to your workstation

Yikes!  That's making this "no-code" option seem more complicated than just coding in the first place.....

We have been using Power Automate Desktop since June (comming from Process Robot), and since that we just updated to the latest version as soon as they where released, as they brought "new" features and other improvements to our setup.
But when 2.14 was released It messed up, so many scripts for alot of people and totally radio silence from Microsoft... (Thank you Microsoft).
Needless to say that we won't upgrade our system as fast as we did before.

Microsoft announced a new version mid. december that should fix the problems.....


So as MichaelAnnis say, be carefull before you upgrade you production system 😊

Learned that lesson on web site updates the hard way, too.  How do I turn OFF the automatic updates on PAD? 

Helper II
Helper II

Does ANYBODY think the PAD Update solved the problem? I noticed Microsoft has closed a Power Platform Admin Center issue and issued a Post-Incident Report. CR305739 

Advocate I
Advocate I

What problems do u have? 

In my case i have some serious issues with web actions. 

Helper II
Helper II

Oh, yes. Web actions are thoroughly broken, and have been for quite a while. But I have a simple flow that modifies an Excel spreadsheet that doesn't work. You would think that Microsoft can communicate with Microsoft well enough that their own products work.  Oh, wait. It's Microsoft.....

Advocate I
Advocate I

@GeezerThey released an update yesterday.

It kinda fix some errors, at least in my case.


Helper II
Helper II

Yeah, nope. The first update made the flow attempt to run before it crashed. This update just started off by crashing the flow.  "Click failed (failed to get window)" --- on a flow that used to run perfectly, on a program (PAD)  that now does not work at all but Microsoft continues to charge the company for having.

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