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UI flow Gateway Connection "Test connection failed"

Hello everyone,


I ran into an error while setting up an on-prem Gateway to trigger my UI Flows.


When I try to setup a connection in the web portal I get the error message:
"Test connection failed. Details: There is a problem with your credentials. Verify your credentials or use other credentials to connect to the gateway."











The local installation and configuration ran succesfully. I changed the service account to the domain user, which is logged in on the machine. The Gateway says it is "online and ready to be used". The network and port test also suceeds.

In the webportal I also see the status of the Gateway as online.


The I service user is the same as the one that I put in when setting up the connection. It´s a domain user but not AAD. The device is joined to a local domain, not azure joined. I tried every variation of username that I could think of, domain\username,, mail, ...


The connection needs to use a proxy, but I did followed this guide: Configure proxy settings for the on-premises data gateway | Microsoft Docs


Anything else I can try?

Thanks and Regards





@Janis_ It looks like you followed the right steps - typically the network connection test from the Gateway will show if something is blocked, and DOMAIN\username is the right format for the login. A few questions to help troubleshoot:


  1. Do you see the same error message if you try to create the connection from within the UI flows connector in an instant flow?
  2. Does creating the connection work with the format ~\Username rather than DOMAIN\Username?
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Hi @matow ,

Thanks for the answer.


yes, its independend from the point where I try to set up the connection. It´s the same error inside a flow and under data -> connections.


Unfortunately ~\Username also doesn´t work.




Hi @Janis_,


In order to investigate what is happening here, we need some additional information.


To get this information, please follow these steps:

      1. Go back to the web portal where you tried to create your connection in the UI Flows connector and enter your credentials as you did before but without clicking on "Create" for now.



       2. Press F12 (being on the connection creation page) to open the DevTools and go to the Network tab.

Screenshot 2020-11-02 145052.png


      3. In the Filter box, type "testconnection".



      4. Keeping the DevTools opened, click on the Create button on the web portal.

1st - Copy.png


      5. Click on each "testconnection" entry on the DevTools and copy the value of the "x-ms-correlation-request-id" header if there is one.


      6. Finally, provide us in a response to this thread, the value you copied.


Best Regards,


Hi @antouly ,


I get the status code 401. The Request ID is fbd4237a-f7b4-4359-a372-ec6def3405b7.

In contrast to your screenshot, my referrer Policy is "origin".




Hi @Janis_,


After investigating your problem, it appears that there is a problem with UI Flow Service (from the local installation) that cannot reach some required URLs:


Can you check that your local user and the service account "NT Service\UIFlowService" (installed by the local installation on your machine) are allowed to reach these URLs?




Hi Andreas,


Thanks, I will check with the network team and get back to you.




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