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Unable to save & run desktop flow

Hi, can somebody help me!
I asked my colleagues to set up Power Automate Desktop for trial purpose, but some of them told me their PAD got stuck when they tried to save or run the desktop flow. The flow itself was very simple one like displaying a message box, period. What happened is after they click run or save the desktop flow, the screen does not even respond anymore.


So far 80% of users have no problem at all but few of our members are in the same situation described above. They tried to uninstall & reinstall PAD but got no better. We have the laptop of the same machine spec so it wouldn't be because of the machine spec standard. 


Does anyone have any idea on how to fix this problem? 

Thanks for your help!


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Thank you YuHash for your immediate response. In case everyone finds that this solves the issue, please go ahead and mark this thread as completed 😉

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Solution Specialist

Hi YuHash,


The current version of PAD is still unstable, so you might still get error when saving or loading the Flow. 

From my experience, when I got this issue, I had to Close the PAD, right click on the PAD icon at the bottom right corner of the window to Exit the PAD, then it works just fine when I open it again.


If you have bought a license from Microsoft and you got this issue, you can contact Microsoft for supporting.





Hi YuHash! Thank you for sharing your use case with us! It would be great if you could share with us the exact steps you took that lead you to that issue. In addition, it would be great to describe how it got stuck. Did it throw any error message or crash report? Any corellation id would be also great to have. 

It would also very helpful to reinstall Power Automate Desktop while having telemetry option enabled. That will help us dig in to your issue and try to find a solution. 

There are many factors to consider and we would like to start eliminate them one by one 🙂


Moreover, since Power Automate Desktop is generally available, any stability issues that may have existed before that period are fixed. However, we are always exploring ways to make the customer experiene even better 🙂


Thanks again for sharing your issue with us, we look forward to receiving more details from yourside to try and find out what happened 🙂






Hi, thanks for your advice. Unfortunately, Exit didn't help for our case. We'll ask MS support. 

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Hi George, thanks for your help. Here's our situation. 
- We downloaded Power Automate Desktop from this site , installed, started trial use. Didn't do anything special in particular.
- For myself and majority of my colleagues, PAD works fine. No issue.
- However, though they use same spec PC, same trial license under the same tenant, Power Platform environment, some got the following errors. 
Case1. They can save a desktop flow for the first time only. However they cannot run or save it from then onwards in designer screen. But they still can run the flow from console screen.
Case2. Case2 group cannot do anything; they can open designer screen, place "display message box" action in workspace, but they can neither run nor save it. What happens is hourglass spinning forever without any response after save is clicked. 

Additional questions...
- "having telemetry option enabled" means ticking "Let Microsoft collect data option..." option box when we install the PAD?
- Are there any constraints on number of concurrent users  in PAD? As written above, I don't see any difference between myself and the users having trouble so I guess maybe it's because of restrictions like this? 


Any advice would be appreciated. Thank you!

Unable to save with correlation ID : bb2dab8e-d3d8-4ae8-a88a-7be64ab53dca

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Were you able to solve this issue?



Hi all,


From the responses we got, it seems that the occurrence does not follow any pattern. Please make sure to update to the latest version, set the Data Collection to ON so that we can troubleshoot some more :). In addition, please make sure that the lag, or delay or even the inability of saving is not affected by firewall or proxy settings. 


Correlation ID's are helpful only when Data Collection (Telemetry) is checked, by using the Console Settings in Power Automate Desktop. If you are behind a firewall and no logs are being sent, it is almost impossible to provide the help needed :).


Happy to help

I am sorry, I couldn't find any errors associated with that correlation id. Please make sure you have enabled Data Collection so that we can check any errors that may pop up.

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Hello, after various attempts it turns out that Windows10 version could be the cause. Under version 1904, some users, though not all, experienced the problem that PAD got stuck indefinitely. But after we've updated to 20xx, the problem disappeared for all users. 
So my advice is to run Windows10 update. Thanks!  

Thank you YuHash for your immediate response. In case everyone finds that this solves the issue, please go ahead and mark this thread as completed 😉

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