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Advocate I
Advocate I

automatically wake up the computer and scrape stock prices through PAD

Hi all,
I have a PAD flow that is created to scrape stock price through Yahoo Finance which works pretty well locally.

Only the problem is more than often when I trigger it from cloud flow it failed with Error Details:
Desktop flow execution failed. CorrelationId: '00000000-0000-0000-0000-000000000000'.

execution failed.png

It stopped at the middle of the Desktop Flow with activated Excel and Chrome Browser left opened means it was running successfully at the beginning but something interrupted it in the middle of scrapping.

desktop flow.png

Some more information:

I trigger this flow by schedule it through Cloud Flow (PowerPlatform) and also Schedule (Win10) my computer to auto-wake-up so that when cloud flow is triggered, there is a correspondent machine to be called.

Furthermore, to ensure the machine is always up to run during the whole process (around 15-25 mins), I made another Task Scheduler (Win10): run cmd then exit every 1 min to sort of keeping it awake. Because I've found that even at the time PAD is running, the auto-waked-up computer could still turn sleep after a short period of time (around 5-10 mins) of idling (notice: it's idling for no human interaction but PAD is still running).


The tricky part is sometimes it works, sometimes it fails with the error message pasted above. I'm so confused about what was happening behind the surface. How could it go wrong sometimes? And how to address this issue?


The main goal is just to automatically wake up the computer and scrape stock prices through PAD.


Thanks in advance,


Memorable Member
Memorable Member

Do you have the rights to change the sleep settings, if so, I would have your bot do that first and then set it back when you are done. 

Hi @MichaelAnnis,


Thank you for your reply. It was set to 30 mins and should not be the problem right?


sleep setting.png

Helper III
Helper III

Hi @chienhsianghung I faced similar issue, have you found the root cause and solution? I have a Desktop Flow that scheduled run every 10min and it initially works to prevent my laptop auto sleep in 15 minutes of idling. However, yesterday I found my screen was put on sleep and this is because one flow failed in the middle (with the same error as yours). 

I apologize, I never saw this response in my notifications.  If the process takes 15-25 mins, I would change both the Screen and Sleep options to 45 minutes just to be safe.

Hi @MichaelAnnis unfortunately my company's policy does not permit to disable or change screen saver from the default 15 minutes. Any way to prevent failed flow interrupt the next flow?

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