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extract text from image/pdf and copy on specific location

Hi, i am wondering if it is possible to do it with power automate. in our company  we get alot og electronic invoices every day approx 300+/day and its stopped in "Import fail" there we have to write our clients company name from the invoice ( in pdf/jpg format) and hit on the specific button so that the invoices goes directly to that company in your system. i am not sure i can do this with power automate desktop or with any other programming language.


Need little help with how to do that. So we can save our time.

Advocate II
Advocate II

Try out the "Extract Text with OCR" function. And the "Extract Text from PDF."


For the OCR of images, play around with the Image Height and Width Modifier values if it's not giving accurate results. A higher number zooms into the graphic before doing the OCR. I think 3 or 4 gives the best results.

Impactful Individual
Impactful Individual

Hi @Farid493 

This should be possible, I am automating 10s of thousands invoice entries in one place.


Do I understand you correct that you are automating invoices from your clients (you receive them), some of them work, some don't?

  • If so, are those PDF the same format/layout?
    • If they have different layouts - how many different formats?
    • If they have different layouts - you need to create logic in PAD to support that
    • If they are different layouts - expect that you will not automate everything (most likely, see next point) - choose the highest volume client and focus on those first. Build logic to mark the others as for manual entry by people until support for those layout are added to the bot.
  • Are those scanned papers or PDFs generate from systems (with text layer)
    • As @ApexOrigin mentioned - if all of these are system generated, have text layer (xml would be awesome) - you should be able to grab the correct data from text. Otherwise you will need to use OCR actions or even go with tools such as AI Builder or other to automate everything.



Hi @momlo 

Yes, These are the invoices from our clients which we want to automate. When we get invoices online from the clients in our system. it come 90% with 3 attachment files. 1. in PDF format 2. in .html format 3. in .XML 

so, one invoice 3 attachments in 3 different formats


If i use the .XML format or .html format, Is it possible with power automate or with anyother program?

Impactful Individual
Impactful Individual

If you get XML version of the invoice then you are in a very good place!
If you tell me each client uses the same XML schema / all of these are structured the same way - that is ideal situation.


But now I have read your initial message and it is unclear to me, can you confirm:

  1. Do yo want to automate entry of all of those 300/day into your system?
  2. Or do you have IT system that imports those 300 into your system, but part of them fail and you need to process them manually, and that manual proces on small number of invoices you want to automate?


Yes, all invoices are structured in same way.

1. If i can automate the entry of all invoices it would be great. but currently i want to automate the Point#2

2.  Yes, True, We have IT system that imports those invoices into our system and those which doesnt proceed in our system we do it manually. We write the clients name so that the invoices can go to the right client. We want to automate that process.

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