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iframe with dropdown to select with PAD automation

Hi to all,

I am working on automating a zendesk ticket reply. Everything works fine, but there is an iframe with something like an external "app" integrated to this website and I have to choose the senders email adress to a default one.



In help section from MS it is recommended to navigate to the external website. I don't have a clue how this shall work.

Here is the HTML from the iframe (as far as I think it is least there are some known components).


Moreover I tried to use UI Automation functions, which sometimes worked and sometimes not..


Can anybody help how to go on? I am clueless, only thing is use {Tab} to navigate to the control, but this seems not very reliable.

Thank you and best regards



Super User
Super User

Since the Id of the dropdown is seen in the html code as email-address-selector, use it in Run javascript function on webpage.

document.getElementById("email-address-selector").value = "";


I believe it is more of a single quote...
document.getElementById("email-address-selector").value = '';


document.getElementById("email-address-selector").selectedIndex = 1;
Change the correct index number you want to select in the above line.



thank you very much for your reply, I thought there must be a way to solve this problem I am not aware of...grateful!


Problem is, that it is not working 😂:
My Flow:



I wasn't sure about the exact syntax, so I tried different options, to be honest, I guess I tried all. I googled and found some other posts and answers from you. I tried with single and double quotations and with semikolon and without. I tried index version and I tried selecting the name value. Nothing worked, Website dropdown is unchanged and doesnt seem to get focused.


Of course I just tried one command in an action, just entered it into the box for you to let you see my syntax.

Using this syntax :


function ExecuteScript() {document.getElementById("email-address-selector").value = ""; }


%Result% is "undefined".


Using following syntax:


document.getElementById("email-address-selector").value = "";


%Result% is blank.


On the webpage nothing is happening.


Any other ideas?

Thank you and best regards





Does the Recorder work? If so, use the Recorder to select any one item from the dropdown and then check the UI elements section to see if a UI element has been created for the dropdown.

Then use Set dropdown list value on web page action.

No, thats the problem. The recorder doesn't work, sometimes, not always, the recorder is recognizing the iframe, but definitely not the dropdown.


I tried to work with focussing an element (the button above) and navigate via send keys, but even this is not working properly.


Any other ideas?


Thank you !

Thank you again,

the sample flow is not working anymore. No examples extracted ... mmh, will go on..

I guess this is the information important for me as I am not able to open the iframes source website.



I don't have a clue what to do with these looks very similar to your approach...


aaaah, I want this to work somehow... 😉 ...

Thank you for your support!

The first line of code in that screenshot should contain the name of the iframe and the second line has the name of the element (dropdown, textbox, etc).


On the other hand, have you tried the reverse tab, although I see you have mentioned about Tab.

Meaning, see which one is the next control after manually pressing Tab on that dropdown.

And then via PAD select that control and then press Shift Tab to go back to the dropdown.


Yes Sendkeys are generally unreliable. But if nothing else works that is the go-to option. Keep trying with the other options and then come back to reverse tab.



thank you for your help so far, really appreciated !

I'll keep you posted if I am going to find a reliable solution...
maybe with finding a picture or something ... I'll let you know.


Best SwiPowE

And a question: where shall I use the two variables (iframe and element)? In which action?

Yes please. Use Find text with ocr action by giving the text of the button and then send a mouse click there.


In that code, the poster has written iframenamehere 😊



this is the way I am solving it. Hopefully it'll be stable, lets see...




As the element has a fixed position as long as I don't the change the settings I am moving the mouse to a fixed position, the mouseclick I had to separate and wait, then I am selecting the value by send keys and confirm the selection, last step is to activate the next field for further ticketing work.


Took me already too long to find this solution, not 100% happy, but so far no other solutions..


Thank you very much for your support.





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