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2 Actions Needed to Refresh Excel Power Pivot Data Model

Need 1 action for Excel documents stored on PC and 1 for Excel documents stored in a OneDrive for Business or SharePoint document library.

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 Of course, there should be provisions to identify a gateway (personal or enterprise) for the on-premises data sources (e.g., Teradata) needed to refresh the Power Pivot model.

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 Not just Power Pivot data, but just regular PowerQuery as well!

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So, I would expect this action to be something like this: open the file, refresh all sources, and save.

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Ok. So, how? would your Power Query  / Power Pivot Query point to a data source based upon data gateway? I am trying to understand how permissions would be/could be handled? Has anyone actually done this successfully that has a snapshot of a flow and other pertinent details to successfully accomplish this that they could share? In my experience, the advent of the new Power query & Power Pivot tools while nice tool have seemingly made it virtually impossible to do any any automation of Excel based reports with external connections due to the lack of any viable way that I am aware of to pass credentials to the connection upon vba refresh of the workbook.