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A CI/CD Pipeline for development of connector!

Hey all, we are in search of integrating a CI/CD pipeline for connector development. We have two connectors within our organization-> one pointing to UAT server and the other pointing to Production server. Organization members are using the production server based custom connector. I am suggesting this from the point of view of "sharing with organisation" feature as I understand if we make it public then we will have to recertify updates.Now, there are some suggestions that I request the power platform team to take up with them:

  1. An editor(or a plug in visual studio maybe) where one can change the swagger file of say a UAT connector on left hand side window and observe the changes(how the connector would behave in flow creation time) on the right hand side window.
    1. This is because it is really tiresome to change the connector->go to flows->create a new flow->check how connector is behaving->come back to custom connector page, do changes again
    2. Sometimes the updates don't even happen(is this a bug or is it like if a connector is already being used in a flow we can't update the swagger), the changes in connector dont reflect in flow creation time.
    3. Why I am mentioning about this editor because some features of swagger like x-ms-dynamic-schema do not work in connector testing(while editing the connector), they only work at flow creation time, when we select an action from our custom connector.
  2. Now suppose after testing out UAT connector, I wanted to transfer the swagger updates to the Production connector.
    1. Copying the swagger updates and pasting in Production does not seem like a feasible option.
    2. There should be a pipeline of some sort to deploy the changes.
  3. There should be a way to have source control.
  4. Note that the "Solutions" thing does not cater to our requirements and as far as I know it is just for packaging and exporting stuff in a bundle.


Status: New