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A constant Message ID value to access a message regardless of Outlook folder location

The Flow and PowerApps Move tasks/functions will assign a new Message ID whenever an email message is moved from one Outlook folder to another.  If you store the Message ID when an email arrives in folder A, you can use that Message ID to move that email to folder B.  You cannot use that Message ID to subsequently access that email.  For example, you cannot move the email from folder B to folder C because Flow assigned a new Message ID when the email moved to folder B hence breaking the reference to the originally stored Message ID value.


It would be useful to track an email with a constant Message ID (i.e., that is not dependent on the current folder location).  In the alternative, an overloaded Move() method which returns the new Message ID after a move would help resolve the issue of tracking emails when they are moved with Flow or PowerApps.

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Emails have Message-ID internet header. I would like to be able to acces this ID from Flow to be able to identify the same message not only in several folders, but also in inboxes of several users. 

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Microsoft already has the "Internet Message ID" header, which is immutable regardless of folder location, but it is hard to use, or nearly useless.


It cannot be used as the "ID" in the "Get Email" action. It cannot be used as a search item in "Get Emails" either, as "Get Emails" search is to be used like OWA's search interface, and it does not look in the headers for matches. 


Microsoft would need to update those 2 Flow interfaces to be able to actually use it for anything useful. 


"Send Email V3" and "Reply to Email V2" should have new versions that return the full email content to Flow as well, with all relevant headers - currently only a "Body" property is returned.


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Same with Event IDs.


Or at least a way to get the 'new' Immuntabe ID within a flow.