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A form that can be used to collect data to populate a flow created from a template

There is a feature that I assumed was part of Flow but I have been surprised to find is not.


I have a template that uses a recurrence trigger. The flow that is created requires 3 values that must be configured by the user.  Currently, we collect that information using variables.  This means after the flow is created, the user must manually find each variable action and input the value for each one.


Instead, at the time the flow is created from the template, I would like to present the user with a form that requests this information and uses that to populate the 3 variables.


This currently is not possible, even using any of the form connectors, in part because the template uses a recurrence trigger.  (I believe you can collect information when triggering a flow from a button.)


This enhancement would make Flow much more user friendly.

Status: New