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A possibility to transpose/rotate "create HTML table" output or to transpose/rotate the "get list items" value in general and then pass it to "create HTML table"



"create HTML table" is nice, but lacks some options and features. In my cases often it is useless, because I have much more columns as rows an when showing the "create HTML table" output in emails, it's not readable anymore. I think often it is a good idea to transpose/rotate the "create HTML table" output. Or be able to transpose/rotate the "get list items" value output and pass it rotated to "create HTML table".


With transpose or rotate I mean, that the columns will be rows and the rows will be columns.


I searched web and forums, but as I read there is no solution (only to generate HTML table self).


Would be nice to see it soon.


Side request:

- Would be nice to have a CSS text flied in the "create HTML table" flow node, where you could add some css to configure the HTML table.

- Also  when adding "new lines" in "create HTML table" values, they are not used when using the output. Please make it possible to use newlins in "values" and "header" of "create HTML table".


Best regards


Status: New
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