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API for getting flow run history

Logging is vital for the maintanence and monitoring, it would be super helpful to be able to get the run history (currently in .csv format) programattically.


So that

  • when there are expected fails in the workflow, our monitoring app can alert the engineers.
  • we can save the history in our permanant storage (currently we have only 30 days of logs)
  • and much more useful integration
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Why doesn't this get more votes? No one wants to store their logs more than 30days? You only troubleshoot a problem if it happened this month? Anything older than that doesn't bother the IT-crowd?
This is a essential function for every workflow-software. Or at least providing some alternative, shouldn't be that hard. Things like this are the reason why it's hard to convince my boss to use flow more extensively. At least with a Plan 2 I expect to have such a feature.

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Even just having a 'Get Flow History' connector where we can specify values and ranges for columns would be enough to build some fairly robust flows for archiving and monitoring. 

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This is one of the main areas that prevents Power Automate from being a solid Enterprise solution