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Ability to Drag or move multiple flow actions at the same time

At the moment, Power Automate (Flow) allows us to drag or move actions around in a flow. This helps when trying to re-order certain tasks and works well.


Except when one action depends on another. It would be immensely helpful if we can move both actions (or multiple) at the same time. Basically, a multi select option on flow cards to move them.


Here is a scenario:


I create my basic flow where each action depends on the previous action outputs.

My results are not correct and I realise I have to create a condition, to check some of the values as part of the multi step process.

I insert a condition.

I then try and move the first card into the condition. It errors stating that there are child cards depending on the output from this action and therefore cannot be moved.

I then try to move the child card first, and get a similar message where it states that the action requires information from another card and cannot be moved.

The only way to fix the flow, is to re-create each card in the condition and then delete the original actions.


It would be helpful in this scenario to move all the dependant actions together, i.e. multi-select.

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I would love to see this implemented. 

New Member

Yes please

New Member

I agree this should be possible, but I just found out that you can use Scope to do this: Simply add a Scope, drag all the dependant actions into the Scope and then drag the Scope to the desired location. You can even ‘deScope’ the actions and delete it again once empty