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Ability to Group Flows

I have multiple Flow jobs running per application..1-10 depending on the complexity of the application (number of Sharepoint lists , external connections, etc.).  I preface with an identifier to identify flows,because the number that I own are starting to grow quite large.  it would be super awesome to be able to assign flows to groups.  Typically this would be grouped according to Application, but other developers may have other types of groupings to meet their particular need.

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Just doing some house-keeping as looked for the answer to this myself today as I have an ever-growing list of Flows - this was answered here:


Solution is to use 'Solutions' to group your flows together, they are similar to tags in that flows can exist within more than one Solution




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And also adding here the downside that I found to this - you have to create a solution and create new Flows unless your flows are CDS-based, any 'normal' Flows cant be picked up and need to be recreated..

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I was looking for a solution to this as well. 


This would be very useful to be able to group flows.

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As @iAm_ManCat  mentioned, working with solution needs to be cautious about certain limitations!