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Ability to Read rows in Excel without a table

Hello Team,


I have been using Power automate for a long time. Recently I am working with Excel files without tables. Power Automate can only read data in saved in Excel Tables. And creating tables in Excel file manually each time makes it a monotonous task.


If there is a way to read the excel row data without a table, then I can dynamically get the row ID based on row data using contains filter and create a Excel table. This will make things pretty easy.


Looking forward for this feature.


Thanks a lot Team. 


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Hi @Ghiridhar_Iyer 


You've got the Graph API Working with Excel in Microsoft Graph - Microsoft Graph v1.0 | Microsoft Docs or Excel Office Scripts Introduction to Office Scripts in Excel ( that can read Excel data without a table.


Check out this video demo for Office Scripts:

Add a Table to an Excel File - Save Email Attachment - Power Automate #Email #PowerAutomate - YouTub...



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Thank you @DamoBird365 


It really helped. I don't know how to mark your comment as the solution.


Thanks again