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Ability to Set the Status (statecode) of record through Flow / Power Automate

Hi there,


I ran into an issue where I cannot update the Status (statecode) of an email record. I wanted to set the status of the email record to "Sent" but because I cannot change the Status (statecode) to "Completed" in the same step then I received the following error:


"3 is not a valid status code for state code EmailState"


If you look at the options we have in a workflow then the "Change record status" allows me to set this value. For both the CDS Create record step and CDS Update record step, the "Status" field is missing in the list of fields to update.


I would imagine this being a problem on many other entity types like Lead, Opportunity, Case for example.







Status: New
Helper I

Having the same issue as well. We're you able to fix it? Thanks