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Ability to access Office 365 users quarantined email messages repository

Ability for users to setup frequency of information related to messages recieved for them that are in quarantine?

Status: New
New Member

This has been a item on the O365 user voice for over 3 year now.  The O365 team believes sending one quarantine email a day at midnight is good enough of notification.  The problem is that some time sensitive emails are getting caught, and unless you check your quarantine multiple times a day you will not know.  This is a total waste of time / resources on a per user basis.  Multiply this out to the majority of a company's users and it is costing real money.


Power Automate please come to our rescue! Make a trigger to allow a user to control their own destiny and get as many notifications they want.


I would envision at a minimum allowing a user to say run every X hours.  Then checking if there have been any new quarantined messages in the last X hours.  If so grab the sender email and the subject, and email the list to the user.