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Ability to add a comment box to the 'Send Approval Email' option

I think it would be a nice addition if we could have the option to add a comment box for an approver to fill in before they select either accep or reject buttons from the 'Send an approver an email' option.


from there ideally flow will then add these comments to a column within a sharepoint list


many thanks



Status: Completed

The new modern approvals supports this:

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Can we have an option to include comments on email notification of Email Approval Flow, ReAssign(People Picker)  for it to particular user if Rejected by the initial Approver. 




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I agree.  Especially a comment when the item is not approved.

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Status changed to: Completed

The new modern approvals supports this:

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hi yes thanks for this but we still want it with these email options as on occasion we will not want to use the approval centre

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1st idea: Possibility to add comments before selecting options in the send email with options action? I know this is possible with Start approval actions but can't see this in the send email with options action.


2nd idea: Also possibility to make the comments box mandatory in the start approval action if user is rejecting the request. Currently if user reject the request, comments is left as optional. Users need to know why their request was rejected.

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Currently, "Send approval email" option only provides "Approve" or "Reject" option to email. It would be nice if approver can add their approval/ rejection comments to the request.

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Hi  @Stephen,


Can you tell if we have an option to ReAssign it to a deifferent approver in case of Rejection.



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We won’t have the reassign option today - I would recommend you suggest it as a new idea.

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Why does the approval process require an O365 license?  I need the approvals to go outside of my organization  and I can't assign a Flow license that my organization owns to a guest account in O365.


Also need formatting options  in the Details box, and the ability to specify CC and BCC on the approval emails.


Adding my company email template instead of the one with the flow ads would make this usable outside of a dev environment since I have to pay for the license anyway.