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Ability to assign calendar categories when creating event in Flow

I would have thought this is a fairly simple thing but when creating an Outlook calendar event using Flow, I need to be able assign a category! I can't see a way to do this currently.

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I need to let MS Flow handle calender items dependend on their categories, e.g. for copiing items from a public calender into another (private) calender.

Would be useful as well to let Flow copy category flaged items from public address folders to private address folders and vice versa.  

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Thus far, I have not found a solution using flow but this might help you


  1. At the very outset, launch Outlook program. Then shift to Outlook Calendar pane.
  2. After getting into Calendar pane, switch to “View” and then click on “View Settings”. In the dialog box of “advanced View Settings”, press “Conditional Formatting” button.
  3. Another new dialog box will show up, in which you should click “Add” button to create a new conditional formatting rule.
  4. Next specify a name for this rule according to the type of the appointments, such as “Private Date Category”. And then click the down arrow in “Color” field, and choose a preferred color from the drop down list.
  5. After that, hit “Condition” button to specify which appointments belong to this category. In the “Filter” dialog box, you need to input the words that you usually use for the target appointments in “search for the word(s)”, such as “date”. Apart from specifying the search words, you could also rule other specifications, such as “attendees”, “organize by”, “time” and so on.
  6. Finally click several “OK” until all the dialog boxes are closed.

Henceforth, whenever you create new appointments whose subjects contain the key word “subject” will be color categorized automatically according to your conditional formatting settings before.


This doesn't work with online calendar though