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Ability to change TimeZone in Approval Emails

Currently with "Start an approval" action, when it sends emails to approvers, email body contains "Date Created:" information in GMT timezone. There is no option to either hide it OR change it to other timezone say EST. 





Status: Under Review

Thank you for your suggestion.

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vote to include local time zone

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These requests date from 2018. Is anyone at Microsoft paying attention? This is really, really basic.

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Voted to include this functionality.

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Do we have an ETA when this will be rolled out? I believe all users need this functionality for their regional approvals.

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A mismatch Date and time with my time zone is a deal breaker. I just paid to attend a PowerApps course in Melbourne. I flew half way across Australia to attend. Great content. Awesome Presenter from Barhead Solutions. However the experience was pointless if the time zone cant be set in the "send for Approvals" We spent a Day building a solution to be told that the date and time are going to be 10 hours out and that there is no solution and Microsoft are not giving any indication that they are looking into it..


Bit Disappointed is an understatement.



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Here is the solution that I have discovered. Early on in the flow, I use the Convert Time Zone action. You can set a source and destination time zone, and, as a bonus, you can configure the format of the date and time. Later on in the flow, instead of using the dynamic variable of the original date and time (in my case entered in a Sharepoint list), I use the output of the convert time zone action. 

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Yes Thankyou,


I have already done that but I am unable to remove the GMT time from the email generated by the Send for Approval feature.





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Still need the ability to remove the GMT Time from the Approval email body

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Still not fixed? Yes, this is an issue that needs to be resolved please,

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Is there any progress from "Under Review"?
We really need this feature.
There is confusion because we cannot change the time zone for this time.