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Ability to change TimeZone in Approval Emails

Currently with "Start an approval" action, when it sends emails to approvers, email body contains "Date Created:" information in GMT timezone. There is no option to either hide it OR change it to other timezone say EST. 





Status: Under Review

Thank you for your suggestion.

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I can't believe there is no way to change this. Please fix asap and thank you.  


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Please fix this!  Clients question why we do not have the correct timezone because it is confusing to the users.


Our response was that this is a Microsoft issue and limitation, and hoping that this will be in a later release.  The client didn't think it was professional for us to use this approval and questioning the quality of Microsoft products.

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Any timeline for a fix on this?

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If this cannot be a system setting, maybe let Convert time zone apply to the flow and all dates in the flow as an offset/ temporary fix.

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Kindly change this. It is very confusing.

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Hi all, 

This is my workaround:



I then use this time output in other places as necessary e.g. 



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Some customer complaints. Please fix this.

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There are some news: Approvals now gets your correct time zone from the SharePoint environment.


Have a nice day!

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Getting complaints from users about this Date/Time stucture. I want to display the local time zone only.

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@Stephen Any chance this simple ask can be addressed? This has been an issue talked about for, dare I say it, years now?