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Ability to change TimeZone in Approval Emails

Currently with "Start an approval" action, when it sends emails to approvers, email body contains "Date Created:" information in GMT timezone. There is no option to either hide it OR change it to other timezone say EST. 





Status: Under Review

Thank you for your suggestion.

Helper III

Ridiculous.  About to tell my boss we can't use Power Automate to send Approvals to persons outside our immediate department until Microsoft corrects their time-zone error Date Created field in their Approval actions, or creates a workaround to allow us to remove the Date Created field.  We just put up with it internally, but it would obviously be a huge issue when sending time-dated approval requests to an entire company outside your own department, if the created time is wrong.

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@AntoinetteB , 

Don't worry, it's "Under Review"!

I'm sure they'll get right on it, after they get done fooling around with SharePoint Spaces and augmented VR.



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Microsoft admins - we definitely could use this feature at my company. Please consider this on your roadmap.