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Ability to change TimeZone in Approval Emails

Currently with "Start an approval" action, when it sends emails to approvers, email body contains "Date Created:" information in GMT timezone. There is no option to either hide it OR change it to other timezone say EST. 





Status: Under Review

Thank you for your suggestion.

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Hello, We have just finalized a new Power Automate Approval workflow and very much need the timezone to match up, otherwise it can be very confusing approvers who are seeing times that don't add up.


Thank you.

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+1 here.

We also need to change our approvals mail timezone. It's 3 hours ahead of our current time.

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Is there an update on this? I have read through each post but see no response. Is there a different area for responses?

Helper II

Hi, is there any update on this feature. Its a basic feature is missing in Approvals.

Helper I

Looking around on the internet & forum than i end up with posting this comment 😅

Dear MS Power Automate,

We really need this !!!

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Other than that, would be nice to have an option to hide the date created field too.

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Please add this feature. I need my staff members to feel confident that this app is a good  option to use. Much needed.

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Please respond this issue.

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This issue was not resolved since 2018. Can Microsoft Flow team look into this? Much appreciated! 

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I was able to create a simple Time Off flow with approval and add to calendar using Forms and Power Automate; but it's a pretty useless tool when the dates and time I submit for time off don't match what goes on the calendar. The time zone is 4 hours off. It would be great if weren't for that issue.