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Ability to change an owner

We need the ability to change the Owner of a Flow for when someone leaves the company. I know that you can add additional admins of the flow, but the original owner continues to show up in all Approvals no matter what. Which upsets my human resources department. 

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Any update on this request?  We're experiencing same problem.  Someone leaving company who created several critical flows. 

Advocate I

I wasn't able to change the owner. I ended used the function to "Send a Copy" of the flow, and I sent it to a service account which I set up. Then I used that Copy to recreate the flow exactly as it was with the service account as the owner. (Of course you have to make sure the service account has all the right permissions for each part of the Flow.) Then I turned off the old Flow. It's done okay so far. But it would be a lot less work if we could just change the owner.


I feel like Microsoft often just throws things out without thinking about the full life-cycle of things.