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Ability to comment out an Action

It would be nice to be able to click on the Actions menu and comment out the action, so it does not run when the flow does but remains available.  My current workflow around this has been setting conditions around actions but becomes a bit much for something simple.

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@atorres728 ,


You can set run after conditions instead.  For example if you want to skip one action, utilize a run after condition on that action to skip if the previous action is successful.


Configure run after feature for Action Steps in Power Automate | Softchief Learn

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This is not the best idea, but I use Scopes and single condition.  I put my steps that I want to "comment out"  but not delete in a scope and move it to "True" side of the condition and set some silly check in place...  'xxx equals PurpleCorn' or something silly so it always fails.  Then shrink the group box and continue on.


The RunAfter option is also nice, but the condition feature allows me to shrink the box and minimize screen real-estate.  If you prefer to use RunAfter, just drag it to the bottom so it is out of your way.  You can also use Scopes (leave it empty) to make a pseudo section title to break up the Flow as well since there is no other way.