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Ability to connect two or more flows

I don't know if this idea has been posted yet. If it is, please point me to the post so I can vote.


The idea is to connect two or more flows, like when flow 1 finished it will trigger a secondary flow.

Kinda like If-else statement. Run flow 2 if above task is complete, else run flow 3 something like that.


Simple Multiple FlowsSimple Multiple Flows


It was asked in this forum post


I like this idea of connecting different flows because we could break a very big flow into smaller pieces. Work on this particular flow and connect them. A modular approach to building flows. I wanna test one part of the flow then connect it to the bigger flow once its working.


I hope we could implement something like this.


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Hi @Jaystechtips ,


This is possible using the HTTP premium connector. Allows you to start another flow and pass arguments to it.  

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Hi @dbro .


I'm gonna try this one. 

My other question is similar to this. Like you create a flow that can be used by anyone. Say a simple multiplication flow, then have other flows call and pass arguments to it. Can multiple flows use it at the same time? like parallel execution?


Thanks for looking into this one.

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Hi @Jaystechtips ,


yes mutiple flows can call another http flow.  They can use it at the same time but do some research on throttling and queueing of flows.