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Ability to drag/resize the Expressions/Inline functions container: ms-Callout-container container-406

The ms-Callout-container container-406 which is the msla-token-picker-container has a fixed height (550px) and width (388px). 

In the Expression section using a function with using the variables/data from the flow is a daunting task due to the fact that it is implemented as a single line input with a fixed width of 320px which makes that 'work area' unusable even for simpler expressions, but absolutely forget about a complex expression that uses any logical functions, and/or/if, etc. 

For example: I have a dynamic string that basically creates a dynamic string with a date/time stamp - workflow name - Title. Of this simple example, I am able to see the function in the container as it is highlighted in red font:

concat(convertTimeZone(outputs('Get_Response_ID_from_Form_submitted')?['body/submitDate'], 'UTC', 'Eastern Standard Time', 'MM/dd/yy HH:mm:ss'), ' - ', variables('WorkflowName'), '[', triggerOutputs()?['body/Title'], ']').


In order to see the whole string, we are literally forced to switch back and forth between notepad++ or text editor requiring 5 steps that should be all possible staying completely in the browser:

 1. copy from browser,

 2. paste in editor,

 3. work the expression

4. copy  in editor,

5. paste in browser.


If it is a more complex expression like this, I can see what is in red in the browser:

if( greater(length(variables('CustomFieldsArray')),3), replace(trim(decodeUriComponent(replace(encodeUriComponent(if(greater(indexOf(variables('CustomFieldsArray')[3],'Additional Information'),0), substring(variables('CustomFieldsArray')[3],0, indexOf(variables('CustomFieldsArray')[3],'Additional Information')),variables('CustomFieldsArray')[3]) ),'%2C%0A',''))), ',',';'), '')

In the actual node, you only see: if(...) -- not very informative.

In a code editor, this would look like something like below: with line breaks and indentation so writing/debugging the expression is easier.


I think it would be an invaluable enhancement to the user interface if:

  • we could drag and resize the callout container
  • the input field to be a multiple line text input field and not single line with a fixed width of 320px that only shows the first 42 chars therefore makes working with dynamic functions/expressions impossible within the browser.



Status: New