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Ability to extract attachments and body from eml files stored in a SharePoint library

Useful when you have emails sent to a Teams channel and want to forward them, based on certain creterias, to recipients outside the Team.

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Do you know how to prevent Teams from saving the email as EML? This is breaking my indexing and searching capabilities.

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Wonder if you have found a workaround?

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We have files being sent to an teams email channel - all from the same provider (but different systems). If I open each eml file, they are all HTML formatted emails.


But consistently, for one of the emails, the attachment is successfully extracted but for the other two, the Teams platform can't do it. Is due to file size of attachment in the email? The one that is successfully extracts is rather small (<1Mb) but for the other two emails (the attachment sizes is normally over 10Mb  but less than 20Mb)..