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Ability to extract email as MSG or EML file from various Flow mail services

Flow nicely integrates with various email services, I see separate Actions and Triggers for Gmail, Office 365 Outlook,


All these services follow a similar pattern. They allow emails to be fetched from an inbox and access the Body, Subject, To, CC etc, which is all nice and well. However, what is deparately needed is the ability to get a copy of the full email in MSG or EML format so the entire email can be passed between services so it can be archived or processed further.


I see quite a few people asking for this in the forums and we need it as well so our customers can pass emails (as MSG or EML) into our Flow based PDF Converter.


As requested in the following Flow discussions


Most people ask for a very specific implementation (e.g. Store email in SharePoint), but as we already have the facility to create files in SharePoint (and DropBox, OneDrive, Google Drive, we just need a generic function in each of the provided email services to 'Get email as MSG'. From here on the MSG can be passed into other services without tying the implementation into a specific service.


Status: Completed

This feature is now live, read about it here:

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I saw somewhere on here that Microsoft released the ability to grab the whole email as an option now.  I didn't go and look for it, but just thought I'd pass that along.  My workaround is no longer needed.

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@Stephen, any update on this request? I see that it was set to planned a while back. We would love to use flows to allow for .msg or mimetypes. Otherwise, we need to continue on the custom API route.



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Thanks for checking! Yes, we are still planning on doing this feature, stay tuned!

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Tracking this post
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Tracking this post.

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I really need this!! Can you give an estimation of time for this feature will available?

I need to calm down some clients... jejeje.

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Hi @Stephen, can you please let us know when this feature will be available?

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Status changed to: Completed

This feature is now live, read about it here:

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I hve tried to export as eml file to the one drive. it stores the messages but it does not store any contents