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Ability to fully disengage a PowerAutomate Flow connected to a SharePoint list

The business need occasionally arises where bulk changes need to be made to lists where a flow of some description is applied (triggered on when an item is modified), but without wanting to trigger that flow. With SharePoint Designer 2013 workflows, it was easy - you simply removed the "modified" trigger from the workflow, made the changes, then re-enabled the trigger afterwards. The item changes could be made without any workflows running.


With PowerAutomate however, things are less simple. There is the ability to "turn off" a flow, but if you follow the same sequence of events, i.e. turn the flow off, make changes to the list, then turn the flow back on again, it seems to store the fact changes have occurred and fires the workflow once it is turned back on again. In other words, it seems impossible to deactivate a workflow set to run on the modification of an item in order to make changes to the items.


Can a "true" on/off switch be introduced so a PowerAutomate Flow can be totally disengaged to allow for bulk item changes in a SharePoint list, so when that flow is turned back on again it doesn't run retrospectively on those changes?

Status: New