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Ability to group actions for minimizing/maximizing

Some flows have 10 or more variable initilizations (is this a word?). It would be amazing if we could group (and label the group) the like actions together and then minimize them as to not clutter the design surface.  FlowGrouping.png



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Helper I

This is a great idea! Please implement, MS!

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Briliant ideia!

Regular Visitor

This would be really helpful - many flow have a large group of variables to initialize, and the section makes it harder to read.  Being able to group them would assist in readability.

Advocate III

This would be a great idea. Please, MS, give us this. You don't need to provide any extra fancy functionality, just a basic grouping would be awesome.

Advocate III

Yes please! I almost had a stupid workaround in place involving doing a "apply to each" Action with the expression array('a') as the target, but it won't let you do variable initialization anywhere but at the root.

Frequent Visitor

I came up with a work-around, but it doesn't work for initializing variables since they have to be at the top level.  Create a condition that will always be true (1 = 1), then put the actions you want to group into the Yes side.  Use the condition name to remind you that it's a group instead of a condition.

Helper I

100% agree that something like this would be great to have.

Another member on this forum suggested using a parallel branch(es) to break out variables into two branches.  This would help cut down on having a full page of variables stacked up.



New Member

I use scopes to minimize other actions, but collapsing the initialize variable actions is not available.

I like @ques0buffet's idea ‌‌.

But if something OOB is available that could be great.