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Ability to publish flow wtih SERVICE ACCOUNT and Run with ELEVATED permisisons.

If MS is promoting FLOW as successor of SharePoint Designer workflows, then it should have following capabilities

  1. Allow FLOWS to be published by service account and to be consumed by all users. [Off-course this approach has drawback with current 50 flow limitation but I assume this would increase]
  2. Allow certain action to be executed in context of the service account [which is used to publish the flow]


Hope this is considered!!

Status: Need Info

It has always been possible run a flow with any type of account -- user account or service account. When you log into the Flow portal simply log in with the service account instead of the user account. This is common for enterprises that have the requirements you call out. Can you please specify the gap in the product that needs to be fixed to support your scenario?

Level: Power Up

I have the same questions as @anka 


1. In terms of best practice, should we be creating a dedicated service account for flows? If yes, should the flows created by users be shared with this service account so they can be managed using one account?

2. What license should be assigned to the service account, E3 or E5? Example,  I want to use the flow in conjunction with PowerBI.



Seems very expensive to have to license a service account at the E3 or E5 level to perform basic functions.