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Ability to save workflow despite errors

Issue: can't save a flow when there are errors.


use case: When building a flow, I sometimes copy another flow and update the necessary stages.  Thereby saving myself the hassle of recreating the entire workflow.  However, since you can't save a workflow with errors, you need to make all of the edits in one session rather than saving with errors and being able to incrementally correct as time permits.  Very frustrating!


Solution: Allow saving but prompt with something like "this flow contains errors do you still want to save?" if there are errors. Or save as a draft.

Status: New
Advocate V

It is ridiculous that there is not an option ro 'Save with errors', especially when editing complex flows or creating a new one WITHOUT using a template.  It highlights the lack of 'real-world' experience the Flow dev team has!

Regular Visitor

This limitation makes it very hard (or even infeasible in a worst case) to edit after some big change in the external resources (e.g. changing the schema of Common Data Service)...

We can't leave the flow in a "halfway" state!