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Ability to see run history with actual date time instead of time ago

I have many flows and they get initiated many times during the day. When I am managing the flows and try to solve some issues it is very hard to find the flow instance I am looking for because the display is in Time Ago instead of a datetime. It makes it a lot more confusing especially when trying to solve problems with flows in the past as all of them will just show generic "One week ago" and you can not tell which date it was. I often know the exact time I need to find but because the display is in Time Ago I need to go into every single one until I find the required on.




Solution: I think the best solution would be to have an option for date display, Show actual datetime or Show Time Ago which we could switch between.


THis would be huge Quality of Life improvement for me and I think other developers as well.

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I found this way of showing the time useful when working in different time zones, especially in companies spread across the whole globe.


I suggest also adding an option for setting a required timezone to be sure that this is exact time that developer/user is looking for.

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It may also work to have a mouseover text with the exact date/time and timezone

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The Flow Run History list is nearly useless since it shows you so little information, so much so that I created my own Flow run dashboard in a SharePoint list to help troubleshoot any issues a Flow may have in the future.


Hopefully this'll help you too:

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Please change the time format on this. It's utterly useless to have a timestamp that is, in fact, not a timestamp.

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Great idé!

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This is now completed. Check out the blog here for updates:

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Status changed to: Completed
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Clicking see all works fine