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Ability to see the progress while flows are running various loops

There should be some ability to see what the status of a loop is in power automate, Currently if you have an apply to each with 100 items, you have no idea until the flow finishes what the results of any of those items were. There is no indication that it's processing item 10 of 100 or 99 of 100 or even 1 of 100 still.


Unless you have items fail within the loop, at which point you can see that it has processed the items up to the point of failure. So if item 20 were to fail, you can click next failed and it would bring you to item 20. 


So the idea is two fold:
1. Add the ability to see what item number is currently being evaluated in the loop or have the "next" button only bring you to the last completed iteration. 
ie: clicking next on a loop of 100 items, today I can click all the way through items 1-100, change the next button to only advance to the last completed step. so if item 1 is done, clicking next will only advance me to item 2. 


2. Ability to see the results of the items within the loop after each step within the loop is completed. 

ie: in the example above after item 1 is complete, if I have the loop on item 1 it should show me the results of each step within the loop. 

Status: New