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Ability to send Microsoft Form

I would like to have the ability to be able to send a form to someone upon a trigger of a value on a sharepoint list.  We are using a Sharepoint list as a project spreadsheet and as we close projects we would like to be able to send a form to a team as a followup survey to see if the project is working out.

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Second that! Would love to be able to trigger some flows off other actions as well, for instance, when an employee is terminated, our helpdesk gets an email that contains some information about that user. We typically send a list of questions to the manager of the terminated employee (where would you like the person's email forwarded, telephone, who needs access to their files, etc.) Would be nice to be able to do a - monitor mailbox for that type of email, find the manager of the employee, and then auto send the form.


Hey guys,


This is possible now. You can create a send email action that sends a link to the survey in the body.

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Thank you for the response.  Yes, that can be done but what i would like to have happen is to be able to populate information from a sharepoint list into the survey.  That way i can supply specific information to the item i want to survey.

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Thanks @JonL-MSFT for the update - Can the "send" action also be done with a Team group message that allows the Form to be filled out and submitted within the Teams interface? Or does it have to be a long-form link like <>


When I tried dropping that link into an automated Teams message on Flow, it doesn't hyperlink automatically and looks a bit awkward. 


Thanks again for your work!


@y8chan You should be able to send the link in teams. Or if you're using a teams channel you can also make the form an iframe tab within the teams channel.