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Ability to set a PowerApps parameter to Blank() (i.e. null)

When using a flow triggered from PowerApps and using the Ask in PowerApps option for some numerical or string parameter, it is currently not possible to call that flow from PowerApps by setting the value to Blank().

Please fix this so that null values can be passed as parameters from PowerApps to Flow.


2018-05-10 10_32_42-App - PowerApps.png

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Likewise. I am trying to Execute a Stored Procedure which can have Null values for some of the parameters. At the moment there is no way to test this in the Flow builder.

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This would be very useful although for now I I have a workaround, if helpful to others; is for the stored proceedure to take a set value in place of null and to then re-set the variable to null. For Example when "-" is passed to the stored proceedure in place of the null then a simple if statement can test for this and then set to null if true. I appreciate that some of you won't be able to go and edit the stored proceedure but for those who can this or similar should work in most cases.