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Ability to skip "Run flow" form in SharePoint

There should be an ability to skip the "Run flow" form in SharePoint when invoking a flow and when user input is not required. In those situation this form is very annoying to users, it's an extra click and waiting time that is not needed.

Another reason is, when we have a custom-formatted button on a SharePoint list that invokes a flow, and we add this list view webpart to a page, the button can't work because the "Run flow" form does not open in a web part.

There could be an additional parameter added to the button that signals to the Flow not to open the "Run flow" form, for example:

"action": "executeFlow",

"{\"id\": \"9ca02e00-2ad6-4648-a861-a56d07efc6fd\"

 \"skipRunFlowForm\":\"true\" }"


That would make it work similarly to a Flow running for when an list item item is added/updated, which does not require any user interaction. 

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I agree.  If we don't want to allow a user to comment on a page approval flow, they should be able to select submit for approval and be done.  There is no need for them to see the workflow start prompt. 

Advocate IV

A button to invoke a Flow from a SharePoint Online List should be configurable to simply trigger the Flow. We have a requirement to have a button to indicate whether a task has been completed and if it has then to automatically update date and other status fields when the button is selected. Users don't want to have to be asked every time if they want to execute a Flow. They want to be able to simply click and see the fields updated. It is bad enough having to wait up to 5 minutes for the Flow to run. It is even worse when having to click extra buttons in the Flow start panel. Making this configurable would still enable open of the Flow start panel in cases where an extra check is required.

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Agree that this should be available. The user should be able to initiate a flow with a single press, without needing to confirm.

Helper I

Please i need this to be resolved , have you found a workaround for it ?



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Absolutely! The confirmation is intrusive and makes Power Automate useless when applied to SharePoint lists. Users do not appreciate this extra step. Power Automate needs to stay in the background by default, not advertise itself every time it runs.  Please fix!

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Agreed, would love to have this functionality please!