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Ability to toggle Power Automate/Flow sections

I would like the ability to be able to turn off "actions" of my flow after I've built it so that those sections don't run.


When making adjustments to existing flows, It would be great to turn off the mailing steps that I have so that I can run a test first without the email being sent. I work around that by putting myself in the email but while it's in production this is not ideal because others are using it.

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I am looking for something similar. I have built a complex flow with various adjustments for creating links to photos uploaded from Microsoft Forms and formatting of multiple choice responses when transferring data to SharePoint. I would really like to be able to create sections containing blocks of logic. This used to be possible with SharePoint Designer Workflows and was really helpful for keeping track of actions and making sure things happen in the right order. Thank you.

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As a work around I turn off a single step by using the configure run after. It would be really nice if there was just an off button on that though. Cause once I configure the one not to run I have to go to the following step and configure then one to run if the one before is skipped. 

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I saw this suggestion a couple of times, it indeed sounds like something trivial in a development environment that should be there by default....


Another workaround I typically use is to place steps that I frequently want to turn on and off into a Scope and put the scope in a Condition's "If yes" path. Then the condition is set to 2=3 or 2=2 depending on whether I want the steps to execute or not.