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Ability to update just changed field for SharePoint items

When adding the "Update SharePoint item" action you have to specify values for all required fields. If you're not changing them you still need to fetch the item first in order to provide values for the fields.


It would be useful if the update SP item action only updated fields you provide a value for, effectivly doing a MERGE.

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Yep, I remember this thread expressing my frustration about this back in 2017. And here were are. You really have to laugh. We've got a full rebranding of Flow but not common features that SharePoint Designer covered.

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Just finding thread and surprised that it is one of the only discussions on this topic.  It boggles my mind that we cannot easily update a single field without touching other required fields or fields with default values.  It took me two hours to write the flow for a list with 200 columns, but the same exact functionality using a SharePoint designer workflow took me literally 2-min to create.

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This is just bad design.  Instead of a form with all the fields, let users select which fields they want to update.  Better interface for most scenarios.



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Required fields should already be completed when the "Create item" is performed (either by Flow or User). The "Update item" action should assume all required items have already been completed. 

Even if the developers of this action feel strongly against this, they should include an option to "ignore required fields". 

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I can't believe that this was posted in 2016 and it's still not a thing in 2021.  I just stumbled across the need to do this, being relatively new to Power Automate.  It's asinine.


Seems like most of the "solutions" to this I see on the internet are to update a field with a REST API call.  Whoever makes these decisions within Microsoft, that is *not* a solution for what is supposed to be a low/no code platform.  Calling a REST API is coding.  The gearheads of the world may think it's not, but it is and should only be necessary for "hard" problems.  Updating one field of a list and leaving the rest untouched, required field or not, should not fall into this category.