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Ability to update just changed field for SharePoint items

When adding the "Update SharePoint item" action you have to specify values for all required fields. If you're not changing them you still need to fetch the item first in order to provide values for the fields.


It would be useful if the update SP item action only updated fields you provide a value for, effectivly doing a MERGE.

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 Microsoft, why hasnt this been done? Having to update every bloody field is frustrating as HELL! I cant believe that (given that Flow is supposed to be a replacement for SPD and Workflows) why I have to specifiy every **bleep** value.

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This is so important! Right now I have many Flows which have to update items and in none of them I have to update more like 2 columns but the current situation forces me update all mandatory and Choice fields to what they have been before.

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I agree with all the above. 


Flow needs to come in two flavours. User and Developer. I am finding it so hard to do something so easy in c#

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This needs to be fixed ASAP. This is a HUGE waste of time.

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+1 for this capability. Flow seems like a huge step backward from SharePoint Designer. What took me about 10 minutes to do in designer now takes multiple hours of hacking around shortcomings. 

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So we're 2 years after the fact and this is still an issue? Nintex got it right. Why can't Microsoft?

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So really years ago microsoft was made aware of this.
And it is not even considered after 100+ votes.


That is really sad.


I have now started to use the API in flow to do updates to sharepoint, because I need to update list with variable names, not always update the editor and modified field, update the 2 parts of URL fields, etc. 

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I'm surprised this hasn't been addressed earlier. Please MS add this feature ASAP. Thank you!

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2020 and no comments from Microsoft regarding this highly voted item 😞