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Ability to use HTML for MS Teams Flow bot posts to users

I'd love the ability to utilize HTML or a rich text editor when composing the message to be posted by the Flow bot towards a user -- it seems to work fine for when having the Flow bot post to channels.


Use case: I leverage a Communications SharePoint site at the sub-division level and using MS Flow when new pages are published (and depending on input categories chosen when requesting publishing) to drive Flow messages to specific editors and the submitter as it relates to them -- would be fantastic to have the extra layer of ease by having hyperlinked text and formatting to really standardize the messages and drive them to read the most important parts of the message to navigate to the news post faster



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New Member

I have the same Problem.


I know, that I have solved it some month age, but I do not remeber how. I just remeber, that I needed to change a specific setting in MS Teams.

Advocate IV

The work round is to use adaptive cards:

1. Generate/append the text blocks as arrays

2. Join the values from the array using ',' and add directly to the json of the adaptive card


But even that is way too much work for something that should be so simple.