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Ability to view flow history for a specific SharePoint list item


I have created a flow for SharePoint list that gets triggered when the item is created or modified. Currently flow history shows runs of all list items and there is no way to filter it for a specific item. I need to be able to see flow history for specific list item so I can troubleshoot a problem list item.

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Hello @Anonymous 

I had a similar need (with files though not list items) and I agree that having an option to identify a specific item/file would be beneficial. I added a condition after the trigger event that checked for the specific file I wanted to continue action with and did a terminate action when it was not that specific file that caused the flow to start. Maybe you can do something similar for lists? Hope this helps!

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I agree with you.

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A colleague recently recommended Flow Studio.  It is middleware that gives you extra detail to manage your Flows.  Really useful and well worth the minimal monthly cost.


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You can achieve this by manually generating the URL's and writing it back to your list item by using the workflow() expression.



flow run history.png

The hyperlinks will redirect you to the corresponding Flow run history page on the Flow portal for your specific Flow run.


Steps involved

  1. Create a multiline rich HTML field in SharePoint that stores the information. I called mine 'Run history'
  2. Update your list item somewhere in your Flow with the following content for your 'Run history' field: 
    Run history (from Dynamic Content) <br/>
    workflow()['run']['name']) (from Expressions tab)
  3. run history.png
  4. That's it. Your Flow run history is now stored into your list item!
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You can create a column to save the flow status URL and use the following formula to update this column when flow run


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@Gameel, yeah just like I stated right above your comment 😉

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Another option is to purchase Power Studio (previously Flow Studio).
Power Studio (
The free version may be all you need.  I couldn't do without it.