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About camera control and image saving

Microsoft Power Automate / Power Apps


Hi Development Team,


We are very grateful to have PowerApps as it helps us improve our operations.

Thank you.


We are now using Power Apps for iPhone app, and came up with some ideas that may help our operations even better.


Those ideas are as follows:



When you place your photos in cloud (Onedrive or Sharepoint list) with cameras or additional controls for images, the size of images become significantly smaller after uploading.

For instance, when you send a 3MB photo, it will be compressed to 500-800KB.

(It can be smaller depending on how we send photos)

It would be much nicer if you could send images with their original sizes and/or be able to select the size you want.



It would be great if we have some sort of function that allows you to save the picture taken with a camera or the additional control for images in local devices (e.g., iPhone or Android smartphone).

It could save us when you fail uploading images in cloud and/or errors occur as we could be able to take them out from those local devices.

(I am aware of SaveData and LoadData functions, and I understand there is no way to save images on devices)


We are sorry if we interrupt your busy schedule, but we do appreciate your consideration in advance.


Taku Itou

Status: New
New Member

Adding functionality to strip off EXIF data too would be useful.

We need to remove this info from customer uploaded images for GDPR (EU Data Privacy) compliance.

New Member


I would like to send a document via email to a specific person when I add a document to a specific forlder in one drive.